The history of Hanging Rock Hall

In November 1984, Wadeville Hall burnt to the ground, nobody knows how or why.

Ever since that day, beautiful, community-minded people have worked steadfastly in a labour of love, dedicated and committed to the vision and the creation of one the best halls in Australia – it is as a fairy tale come true.

Rocks don’t burn. Which is why Hanging Rock Hall is built from the local bush rock.

Now you may think 30 years is a long time to build a hall. But you probably have not taken into account that the hall has been built by volunteers (mostly amateurs) in their spare time. Also take into account that when they weren’t building they would be organising fundraisers to buy the next bag of cement or applying for grants from whoever would listen.

The work continues with the second veranda and disabled access ramp just completed. The storeroom is getting it’s rock wall completed as fast as the old backs of the volunteers can cope.

Plans for a new ceremonial garden for weddings, naming ceremonies and farewells have been drawn up awaiting funding and energy!

The result is a beautiful building with spacious undercover areas, commercial grade kitchen and external spaces including an oval for outdoor activities.


We would like to thank the community for generously supporting the hall. Their support at fundraisers and donations hasn’t wavered over the many years. We would also like to recognise the broader community and thank all levels of government – Kyogle Council, NSW State Government and the Federal Government – who have all provided grants for the construction and maintenance of the hall.


Without our volunteers there would be no Hanging Rock Hall.

The hall is built on Crown Land called the Wadeville Recreational Reserve (Wadeville is the local area name) and with the Hanging Rock Falls Reserve is managed by the Wadeville Reserve Trust (R91046). The Trust meets regularly and new membership is welcome, if you would like to find out more and would like to be involved please contact

Volunteers had the original idea, pushed through the bureaucratic hurdles, built the hall and oval, raised money to finance it and continue to build and manage Hanging Rock Hall.

We now have the second generation of volunteers coming through, working on the hall and planning to get married there.

Our Community – Your Hall.
We encourage the usage and the care for this community asset.